store front

store-front practice After

store-front Before

For this image we used the spot healing brush tool and the stamp tool. The spot healing tool was used in the blue part to take away any spots that were too light and made it look messy. The stamp tool was used to take the trash can off the image as seen above. All I did was take copy parts of the other objects and stamp them to form into making it look like there is no trash can.

Photography composition 2

1st picture – In the first picture the rule of thirds is used as you see the flower more to the side and the center of the image and also being a close-up.

2nd – The second image is masking. The flower is shown in between the two tree branches.

3rd – The third image has something to do with linear technique. The eyes would mainly focus on the line and to were it leads at the end to the flower.

Photography Composition 1

1st picture- On my first picture I used the extreme long-shot technique. As you can tell the flowers are visible but you can’t see the details to it since it is pretty far.

2nd – I used long-shot technique but with a tree. What is different from the long-shot is that i’m closer to the object.

3rd – In the third image we can see medium shot technique. The flowers are more closely visible and we can see tiny bit of detail on them.

4th – The fourth image is a close-up, the object is more into focus and we see the object better

5th – The last one is the extreme close-up. We can see all the tiny detail on the small flower as to it is very close and its the main focus of the image while the background is blurred.



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